Practical application of HVAC-integrated electronic air cleaners

Thursday 28 april   

12:00PM - 1.00PM GMT


The spread of Covid-19 via centralised HVAC systems has been limited, so solutions that actively reduce contaminants in the occupied space are likely to be most effective at reducing transmission.

Any air cleaning technology other than HEPA has been classified as novel by CIBSE, this webinar gives an overview of the novel technologies which are available for integration into HVAC systems


Key learning points:

  • Electronic air cleaners can play a part in providing good indoor air quality but there is no one-size-fits-all solution, careful selection and installation is critical.
  • Knowing what contaminants, you need to deal with is an important part of the selection process, contaminant removal efficacy varies by solution.
  • Some electronic air cleaners produce controlled substances as part of their operation either as a bi-product or intentionally, this is an important consideration.


Who should attend this webinar?

  • HVAC contractors
  • FM Providers
  • Specifiers


Chair: David Frise, CEO, BESA

A former nuclear submariner and now Chief Executive of BESA Building Engineering Services Association.
Frequent speaker on energy efficiency, system integration, government energy and low carbon initiatives and the gap between design and performance in buildings.

Speaker: Adam Taylor, CEO, ARM Environments 

Since completion of his mechanical engineering degree, Adam has spent nearly two decades working in the HVAC industry. He spent his early career as a mechanical design engineer, initially designing domestic heating systems and then on to bespoke air distribution systems.

In 2016, he moved into indoor air quality, promoting adoption of the soon to be released BB101 guidelines. This revolutionary standard was designed to improve air quality and thermal comfort in schools via implementation of demand-controlled heat recovery and natural ventilation solutions.

In 2018, Adam began working internationally in the emerging field of indoor air cleaning technologies, setting up Spire Building Services to work with the European HVAC industry to deploy novel air cleaning technologies.

Adam has recently been working as the Chief Innovation Officer for the IAQ certification company AirRated and is the founder of ARM Environments – a turnkey IAQ solutions provider.