BISPA Free Taster Pipework and VR Workshop - South Wales

October 4 2018

The Grange University Hospital SCCC, Llanfrechfa NP44 8YN

Free pipework awareness courses

The Building and Industrial Services Pipework Academy (BISPA) was established to raise the awareness of pipework-related installation issues and innovations such as BIM and VR, through CIBSE accredited training courses and workshops. 
As the majority of building services projects are still making reference to old, withdrawn, legacy pipework standards, there is a significant risk of poor quality, non-compliant products being used.

In addition, systems mixing pipes of different metals can suffer from issues associated with Galvanic Corrosion, which may impact the service life and performance of poorer quality tubes, which in turn can affect the whole building services system.
To highlight such pipework issues, advise on suitable solutions and showcase the benefits of new emerging technologies, BISPA will be running a free awareness workshops, in association with BESA Training.

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