Reverse VAT Webinar - What does it mean for you

July 9 2019 - July 9 2019

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Reverse Charge VAT which starts on 1 October 2019, is perhaps the biggest change in VAT that Construction has ever made. It will strip out VAT from the cash flowing through the bank accounts of many if not all subcontractors and main contractors. Whilst no one in the industry will pay a penny more, everyone will feel the disruption to the flow of cash in their business and cracks are sure to emerge.

Do you know what to do to prepare?
Have you prepared your subcontractors?
Do you know enough about your clients/customers to make a smooth transition?
Will it go away if you ignore it and/or try and wing it on the night?

Hosted by David Frise, BESA CEO and Liz Bridge, who trained and worked for many years as an Inspector of Taxes but left HMRC to become Head of Tax at the Construction Confederation. Since 1990 she has been the secretary of the Joint Tax Committee of Construction for the industry persuading federations representing major contractors and small builders, and specialist subcontractors to join together to present a unified front in discussions with HMRC about tax and it’s implications for Construction. The JTC is now the body which provides help and written guidance for ten federations in Construction including BESA.

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