Thursday, December 15, 2016


BESA (The Building Engineering Services Association) has joined with over 160 NGOs, schools, academics, energy providers and public institutions ask the Chancellor to stop the proposed rise in business rates for solar panels.

A letter has been sent to the Chancellor asking him to stop the forthcoming rise in business rates for self-consumption solar power.

These changes to the business rates paid on solar power could see many systems become uneconomic causing problems across the sector. According to the Solar Trade Association ‘The changes will see rates rise up to eight fold for organisations that own solar panels and use the power themselves. This would see the most efficient use of solar, consumption at point of generation, bizarrely penalised by the tax system.

The change will only affect systems where the energy is for self-consumption; companies who export their power to the grid or a third party are rated on a different calculation. This means that the tax rise is most likely to hit smaller companies, who are less likely to have set up different ownership schemes for their panels, as well as public sector organisations such as state schools and hospitals.’

Click here to see the letter and full list of signatories.

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