20 June 2022

I Fell Into Engineering, But It Has Really ...

I have spent more than 20 years in the facilities management sector working for several major firms in business development, sales, and customer ...
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15 June 2022

They Are Not Perfect, But We Can Work With ...

Changes to the Building Regulations that come into force today can help the industry make buildings healthier and more comfortable while also ...
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10 March 2022

Become an Apprentice and change the world!

Neil Brackenridge started out as an engineering apprentice and is now President of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). He believes ...
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19 February 2022

Out of Adversity Comes A United Front

“Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; and working together is success” Henry Ford.
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15 December 2021

China Is Already Leading Us Down The Path To ...

BESA CEO David Frise explains why 2022 could see some major progress on net zero driven – not by policy - but by a dramatic shift in the economics ...
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20 August 2021

Employment Crisis - What Crisis?

In the early months of the pandemic, forecasters predicted dire consequences for employment in just about every sector of the UK economy. The Bank of ...
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1 July 2021

We Don’t Live In A Cold Country Anymore

We used to live in a cold country, but we don’t anymore, says BESA chief executive officer David Frise.
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31 March 2021

Dying In Plain Sight

The long overdue acquittal last week of the ‘Shrewsbury 24’ who were convicted of illegal picketing 47 years ago took us back to a dark era of ...
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12 March 2021

R&D Tax Relief: Be Wary Of Spurious COVID ...

Recently, I was shocked to read an article from an ‘adviser’ counselling businesses that all manner of COVID-19 business responses qualify for ...
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3 February 2021

‘Hardening Market’ Drives Indemnity Rates ...

Over recent years, a number of issues have driven a continued effect on the professional indemnity insurance (PI) market ‒ resulting in a lack of ...
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2 February 2021

CEO Blog - The Government Means Business

If anyone did have any lingering doubts about the government’s determination to reform the construction industry and its supporting specialist ...
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19 June 2020

INWED Profile - Holly Fielding

Holly has worked in the building engineering sector since 2018 and has progressed quickly to the important role of mechanical estimator at CMB ...
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