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Thursday 25 February - SHEP (Safety and Health in Engineering Partnership) Understanding and Using the New UKCA & UKNI Marks

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is a new UK product marking that is used for goods being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). It covers most goods which previously required the CE marking – but not all. The UKCA marking alone cannot be used for goods placed on the Northern Ireland market, which require the EU CE marking or UKNI marking.

As a manufacturer or a distributor of products at home or abroad, it is now a legal requirement that companies know when and how to apply these new marks.  Also, when and where the old EU CE Mark still applies.  This webinar seeks to clarify this situation and provide simple answers to these all-important questions.

The webinar will cover; a general overview of all three Marks, a closer look at exporting to and importing from Northern Ireland, a specific focus on importing PPE, and a Q&A session.

Speakers include:

  • Benedict Lucken, Business Readiness Team Leader, BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)
  • Paul Manning, Membership Manager, British Safety Industry Federation


Tuesday 2 March: The effect of Brexit on the UK construction industry

This webinar will focus on the four main aspects likely to impact the UK Construction industry following Brexit and the Trade and Co-operation Agreement with the EU: 

  • The new UK regulatory framework and harmonisation of standards
  • Mutual recognition of goods and product marking
  • Movement and cost of materials
  • Workforce shortages

We will be joined by David Rintoul, Partner at Hill Dickinson LLP and Kevin McVeigh Partner - Corporate and Commercial Elliott Duffy Garrett, Solicitors 


Tuesday 9 March - SHEP (Safety and Health in Engineering Partnership) Welding Fume and Metalworking Fluid

This webinar is designed to improve your ability to manage the health hazards from welding fume and metalworking fluids.

All welding fumes (including mild steel) are classed as carcinogens. Metalworking fluids can cause occupational asthma, occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis and dermatitis.

HSE plans to inspect engineering premises from May to September 2021 - the main focus will be on welding fume and metalworking fluids.

The webinar will cover; a case study of an HSE investigation, the control measures required to protect the health of your workers, a summary of the fluid quality checks which must be performed on metalworking fluids and a Q&A session.

Speakers include:

  • Fiona McGarry, H M Inspector of Health and Safety, Health and Safety Executive
  • Matt Bloomer, Technical Services Manager, Q8 Oils on behalf of UKLA
  • Sarah Palfreyman, H M Inspector of Health and Safety, Health and Safety Executive


Thursday 11 March - Beginners Guide to Indoor Air Quality

BESA in conjunction with Mitsubishi Electric have produced a Beginners Guide to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to raise awareness of what good indoor air quality looks like and what the consequences on the nation’s health are if we don’t improve the quality of the air we breathe.

This webinar will launch the guide and then the panel will discuss the implications of poor IAQ and the next steps we are looking to take in improving the IAQ in buildings, with continuous monitoring and reporting by harnessing new technologies enabling a post pandemic outcome with long term health benefits.


Recordings of all our webinars are can be found here. Attended by hundreds, stay tuned for the future programme of what is THE webinar for the building services sector


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Peter Curtis

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Morning David, You and your team at BESA have really stepped up to the mark in these challenging times, by the support you have provided to its members. We at Briggs & Forrester appreciate it and personally, it provides me with pleasure to be part of the association. Well done all!

Jacquie Price


Thanks for the webinar today – really helpful and informative.



Dennis Towers

H. Malone & Sons Ltd

Just a thank you for Friday’s webinar, some useful information from yourself and your colleagues.


Alan Gregory

Independent Air Quality Consultancy Services Ltd

This daily webinar is a great help in getting the latest guidance and updates on what is a continuing developing situation. Thanks, David Frise, to you and all your team, keep the good work and keep well.

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