For Parents/Guardians

As a parent/guardian, we all want to help our child make the right decisions in life including what career path to take when they finish school.

BESA Academy can provide you with the information you need, to enable you to help your child make the right decision about an apprenticeship.


What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a real job with training, enabling your child to earn whilst they learn. They will gain qualifications, which are recognised worldwide as well as a vast range of job-specific skills.

As an apprentice they will:

Work alongside experienced staff

Gain skills specific to their job

Earn a wage and receive holiday pay

Study towards a qualification either at college or a training centre for at least one day a week



We have over 25 years' experience

We cover the UK

We have extensive knowledge of industry standards and qualifications and will advise them on apprenticeship vacancies and career pathways

We will provide them with a SKILLcard and complete the application form on their behalf


How will it be funded?

An apprenticeship will not cost anything for you or your child. The government provides funding for apprenticeships, which we arrange on behalf of the employer. They will be paid at least the Government’s minimum apprentice wage rate, but their employer may pay them a higher rate.


Is an apprenticeship a serious alternative to college or university?

Yes absolutely, as university or college is not for everyone. As an apprenticeship is funded by the government, there are no hefty tuition fees, unlike if they went to university.

Your child will earn as they learn, undertaking recognised industry qualifications and gaining valuable experience and skills at the same time.

An apprenticeship enhances future career prospects and can often put your child ahead of university graduates because they’ve gained vital experience at the same time as training. Once they have completed their apprenticeship, they may even go onto further study.


What are the long term career prospects?

Building services engineering apprenticeships offer excellent career opportunities once they are qualified. They may go on to work on big construction projects, they might be based on site or move into an office-based or management role. They may also decide to teach, work abroad or even run their own company.