Frese Limited

402 Merlin Park, Ringtail Road, Burscough, Lancashire, L40 8JY

01704 896012
Frese is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of energy efficient, pressure independent valves and controls for the global HVAC, District Energy, Marine and Industrial markets. Founded by Børge Frese almost 80 years ago, Frese’s headquarters, foundry and principal manufacturing facilities are located in Slagelse, Denmark.

Frese Ltd was established in 2004 and was at the forefront of promoting pressure independent valve technology in the UK. Working closely with the industry’s leading consultants, designers, and contractors, Frese pressure independent valves are installed in some of the most iconic projects in the UK.

We are committed to investment in innovation and strive to develop solutions that will improve climate control and have a positive impact on the planet.