Toshiba Carrier

Porsham Cl, Roborough, Plymouth PL6 7DB

07712 790866
TCUK Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of HVAC equipment, systems and support services in the UK.

The company consists of three strong brands each with their own distinct and complementary offerings.

Toshiba is pre-eminent in DX systems, with unmatched technical features and efficiency across its range of market-leading VRF, Split and Multi-Split systems.

Carrier is primarily known for its leadership in Chillers and Hydronic solutions, and its award winning technology is trusted the world over for outstanding performance, reliability and efficeincy.

CIAT completes the line up with its comprehensive range of airside systems and airside solutions, offering excellent quality and reliability at a competitive price point.

Leading the way in offering a complete range of HVAC products, all backed by outstanding Application Design & Technical Support and underpinned by our core values of customer service, quality and environmental awareness.