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Achilles BuildingConfidence has been a leading Construction Accreditation scheme for 13 years delivering a robust certification through a well-established audit programme. The Achilles Auditors are all Internationally Registered Certified Lead Auditors with industry experience and are key for ensuring Achilles BuildingConfidence continues to drive improvement. Companies can complete one process that provides multiple certifications such as CAS and SSiP as well as making themselves visible to thousands of Achilles Buyer Users who access the platform.

As a recognised assessment body, we will deliver desktop audits within 72 hours of submission and 1-day audits within 8 weeks. Understand the common assessment standard (CAS), the data sharing process and get insight into how BuildingConfidence buyers like Skanska use the system. Watch Achilles webinar.

Level Turnover Price (£pa) Certifications Achieved
SilverPlus n/a 220 None
Gold – Desktop n/a 295 BC Accredited + CAS Desktop Certified


Gold – 1 Day Audit

0-5 Million 2200 BC Accredited + CAS Site Certified
5+ Million 3200 BC Accredited + CAS Site Certified

Add SSiP to any level for an additional £75 pa

Achilles Carbon Reduce:

Achilles Carbon Reduce is the only internationally certified carbon reduction scheme in the UK. If you want to start your journey to becoming Carbon Neutral then Achilles Carbon Reduce can help you identify, measure and reduce your emissions and save you a significant amount of time through our Carbon Accounting Software.

We can help your company to measure, report and comply with new UK requirements, offering an internationally recognised ISO compliant programme to help manage carbon and emissions saving both the environment and costs in the long term. Watch our webinar on-demand to learn how to prepare for your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Inventory and reporting requirements.

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