Ventilation for health and its balance with sustainability

THURSDAY 14 april 

12:00PM - 1.00PM GMT



The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of ventilation in our spaces. However, what impact does the increased concern have on a building’s sustainability? Ella will look at the fundamentals of ventilation and how we can try to meet them without compromising the building’s energy efficiency


Chair: David Frise, CEO, BESA

A former nuclear submariner and now Chief Executive of BESA Building Engineering Services Association
Frequent speaker on energy efficiency, system integration, government energy and low carbon initiatives and the gap between design and performance in buildings.


Speaker: Ella Clarke, Mechanical Engineers, Aecom 

Ella is a Mechanical Engineer at AECOM. Since joining in 2019, she has worked in a range of sectors, including vertical transportation and commercial fit-out. Ella is on the committee of AECOM’s Young Engineers Forum and was shortlisted for the CIBSE Graduate of the Year 2021.”