BESA Member Meeting

June 21 2022

Gripple Ltd, Attervliffe Common/Terry Street, 300 Attercliffe Common, Sheffield S9 2AG - 10am

That is why we have been asked by our members, to focus these meetings on the BESA Competence Assessment Standard (CAS Audit).
This is your chance to discover how we can support and advise you as a BESA member through your CAS Audit. 

  • Why are you getting audited again?
  • Who from the company needs to be involved? 
  • Who will conduct the audit? 
  • What evidence do we need to provide? 
  • Will we get a visit from the auditor? 
  • How long until next audit? 
  • How much time will it take to complete the audit? 

Just some of the questions we will address at the next member meeting.
Also, receive updates from Janet Shelley, BESA Head of Member Operations and Iain McCaskey, Head of Devolved Nations on the Building Safety Act, Technical Developments and social activites.

The meeting will finish with a light lunch and a Gripple Factor tour.​

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