Friday, May 3, 2019

CSCS MAP Test Changes 2019

Changes to the test come into force on 26th June 2019.

All versions of the test have been reviewed, and the legislation updated.

Operatives test

The operatives test will have a better range of activities to reflect the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities operatives have on site

Level playing field

Each person taking the revised Operatives test will have the same proportion of easy, medium and hard questions.

The test will continue to serve up a random combination of questions to a candidate, but each combination will now have the same level of difficulty.

All the test questions were rated for difficulty, so that the revised test is a ‘level playing field’ for all operatives who take it.

Test Questions.

Instead of two sets of questions, there will now only be one

The behavioural case studies and associated questions have been taken out of the test


As there will only be one section of questions, the score will be simpler to understand as a result.

With the new scoring, candidates will now need the following scores to pass the test:

  • Operatives test, the pass mark is 45 out of 50
  • Specialists test, the pass mark is 45 out of 50
  • Managers and Professionals test, the pass mark is 46 out of 50.


Test Instructions

Instructions on how to complete the test have been made easier, so candidates can learn how to operate the equipment during the test

New revision materials

Revision materials for the new test will be available from 15th May 2019 from the CITB shop

Preview the new question styles by clicking the link below:

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