Indoor Air Quality - IAQ

A dedicated area to help raise awareness of the importance of indoor air quality, the conditions of air inside buildings and how our sector can work together to make buildings safe havens.


The Building Engineering Services Association is championing the need to monitor and improve the air quality in buildings. 

80% of our time is spent inside buildings making it vitally important to improve the quality of the air we breathe. An increasing number of studies have proven the link between air pollution, which includes poor indoor air quality, with a number of health issues from heart and lung problems, to decreased levels of productivity in the workplace.

A BESA commissioned survey found that poor IAQ had negative effects on office workers with almost 70% stating poor air quality in their place of work had a negative effect on their day-to-day productivity and well-being. The survey also found that workers regularly experienced lapses in concentration, fatigue and decreased productivity levels due to poor IAQ.   

The building engineering services industry has a key role in helping to create buildings that act as safe havens and clean air zones. As an Association we are working facilitate our industry's role in improving IAQ by raising awareness on the issue. We are campaigning for amends to be made to Building Regulations in order to include a requirement for a broad-based pollution checks to be undertaken while buildings are being developed, ensuring real thought is given to the quality of the air inside buildings once they are completed.    

This dedicated area gives details of the latest information and research taking place along with industry campaigns and IAQ events.



What can our industry do now?

Our Indoor Air Quality infographic shows the impact poor air quality can have on our health and how we as an industry can work together to combat it.

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Improving Indoor Air Quality is the quickest and cheapest way to protect people from worsening air pollution, according to one of the country’s foremost clean air campaigners. Speaking at a special BESA IAQ event, Clean Air in London founder Simon Birkett said IAQ must become part of the building planning process.

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BESA launches IAQ Standard on Clean Air Day

A new comprehensive industry standard covering Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has started to take shape following a special event organised by the BESA to mark the UK’s first ever National Clean Air Day on June 15.

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IAQ standard

The first chapter of our IAQ Standard is now available...

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Calls for a new Clean Air Act to support Safe Havens

A powerful coalition of environmental campaigners, health bodies and industry groups has launched a campaign to force the government to take 'urgent action' on air pollution by creating new legislation 60 years after the original Act was created to tackle urban smog. We are supporting the proposals and calling for the measures to include support for the role of buildings as ‘safe havens’ from pollution.

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We record and monitor the indoor air quality of our head office in London using a Foobot air quality monitor. Have a look at the live stats and what they mean...

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70% of office workers complain about poor air quality

Our survey found that indoor air pollution is prevalent in work places across Britain, potentially causing long-term health problems.

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Indoor Air Quality at a glance - BSRIA guide

The Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) have put together a guide on Indoor Air Quality.

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BESA's international webinar on the use of smart ventilation to tackle indoor air quality in partnership with the CIBSE ASHRAE Group.

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