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Why you should join

Membership means more services to add value to your business and to help you make the most of the opportunities in the marketplace.

As the premier trade association for the sector, the BESA supports its members in maintaining and growing their business.

For some members this means practical, expert support on HR, legal or contractual issues as they don’t have in-house specialists, whilst for our larger, national contractors the focus is on creating an effective forum for collaboration on key issues, giving access to relevant people and bodies to inform the setting of standards for the industry.

Our key member services are designed to ensure members have the tools they need to maximise their business:

Membership means more quality

The badge of quality attained through BESA’s independent competence assessment signals the professional standards to which you operate.

The health and safety assessment carried out as part of your membership safeguard your businesses, employees and customers, and for firms who are newer to audits, we have a team of health and safety advisors to help you get to the level you need to be to demonstrate your compliance.

Membership means more work winning tenders

BESA membership should stand out as a mark of quality and reassurance, giving you a leg-up in the tender process. We work hard to promote the benefits of BESA membership across the industry so that clients, specifiers and major contractors understand the quality mark that membership signals, making it the easy option to select our members for projects. Our regional presence also facilitates networking, giving you access to business opportunities as well as advice on local and national developments.

Membership means more expert advice

We offer free, practical advice on day-to-day HR issues such as performance management or redundancies, so if you don’t have an HR department – get the information you need from BESA.

BESA also takes the lead in negotiating the industry’s national wage agreements, giving our members the opportunity to play a part in influencing the complexities of labour agreements.

Our team of expert, industry trained lawyers are on hand to offer free legal advice, whether it be support through litigation, or specialist contract reviews, we’re here to help

Membership means practical business support

Members tell us they want to focus on what they do best, and with practical guidance on key business issues such as cybercrime, updates on legislation and marketing tips, we’ve got you covered.

Available through regular updates on our website and targeted newsletters, with a broad regional presence, we are also able to host drop-in sessions and clinics on key topics to support your business.

Our growing network of affiliates also offer practical solutions to support your business.

Membership means more engaged, talented employees

Whether it is ensuring you have the right skills for the future through apprenticeships in specialist qualifications and training courses, or retaining your valued employees with the right package of benefits, BESA has industry-specific offers tailored to your needs, and all at discounted rates for members.

Membership means more protection

Insurance is now a requirement rather than a nice-to-have, and BESA has developed a range of commercial insurances tailored to the needs of members. In recognition of the high standards which members operate at, they are available at a significant discount, and in the event that you do need to claim, there is a team of specialist loss adjustors with industry knowledge standing by.

Membership means more convenience

BESA is committed to delivering efficiencies and cost savings to members. We were the first Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) affiliate to introduce ‘smart’ Skillcards, making it easier for you to keep track of training records, verify workers on site, and minimise fraud. Our Competent Person scheme (run by BESCA) is also market-leading, having the broadest range of work notification types, providing a one-stop-shop that saves time and money when notifying for work.

Membership means more globally leading standards

With thriving specialist groups focussing on key industry disciplines, BESA provides members with a structure to develop technical standards and specifications which are market leading. The definitive standard for building maintenance – SFG20, is just one example of this, developed by the BESA specialist service and facilities group, it is now being used in multiple countries across the world. Any standards developed are made available to BESA members at a significant discount.

Membership means more voices shaping the industry

BESA understands that many of our members will be lobbying on key issues in their own right. The unique role we can play is to bring those independent voices together. BESA actively collaborates with other industry bodies such as CIBSE, RIBA and BIFM to ensure that there is a single, loud voice on the key issues affecting our sector.

We encourage all our members to feed in their views on consultations and issues via their regional managers, and for our larger members, we offer regular meetings with our CEO. One of the newest initiatives we will be launching shortly is a Major Contractors Advisory Board, providing a unique forum for major contractors to review and comment on key sector issues. It also give an opportunity for members to shape BESA’s lobbying agenda and response to consultations.



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