Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Beware the bogus bailiff

We have recently been informed of a number of scam calls from people purporting to be bailiffs in order to scam the company out of, in some cases, thousands of pounds.

The scam usually begins with one of the false ‘bailiffs’ telephoning a business claiming that they have a warrant and a bailiff is on his way to your business property, they then offer you the opportunity to settle the debt via a bank transfer to prevent the bailiff from arriving. This is not how a bailiff should be operating and you should always receive prior notification of a debt before a bailiff visits your property.   

If you receive a phone call like this and are unsure of the legitimacy, it is recommended you do not make the payment until you are certain it is a genuine call from a genuine bailiff. Take the caller’s contact details and verify them calling back on a number you have separately identified to ensure legitimacy.

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