Monday, March 25, 2019

Member feedback wanted on draft standard, BS9009:2019 – Public sector procurement

BESCA, which acts as a certification body as part of the wider BESA Group, is a member of the Association of British Certification Bodies (ABCB). As such it has had early sight of the proposed new British Standard, BS9009:2019  – Public sector procurement – Generic requirements for organizations providing products and services.
In essence, if a company wants to tender for a public sector contract they will have to be accredited to this standard demonstrating their suitability as an external provider of products and services to the public sector, and their ability to reliably deliver products and services that meet the requirements of the contracting authority.  BS9009 is applicable to any organisation, regardless of its type or size.  There are three conformity levels depending on the size of the contract being awarded.
The Standard is now available for public comment until 4th April 2019 and we feel it important that our BESA members have sight of the document to review and pass back their comments to the Association. 
If you would like to review the standard and have your comments taken into account, please download the draft standard here, and then add you comments to this document and email to, BESA's Director of Certification and Change Management, who take these comments to the BSI procurement in the public sector meeting on the 4th April. Please can you have any comments to Rachel by 2nd April.

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