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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Group health and safety assessments now live

From today BESCA is pleased to announce that any BESA member with branches can now carry out a group assessment as part of the association’s competence assessment process.

This move streamlines the process where previously members had to provide individual online Health & Safety assessments for any branches to meet the criteria of the BESA Competence Assessment Scheme.

Russell Mott, Head of Technical Services, welcomes the change “We recognise that the assessment process needs to be member friendly and this will significantly reduce the administration burden for those members with multiple branches. Since the launch of the online system last year, and as a SSIP registered scheme we give members the ideal opportunity to satisfy the scheme requirements, either by direct assessment as part of BESA membership, or using another SSIP registered scheme to deem to satisfy”.

In streamlining the BESA Competence Assessment Scheme process for those members with branches, there are significant administration savings to be realised from only having to gather one set of paperwork. Upon completion of the assessment, another advantage of the BESA scheme is that all members become SSIP registered at no additional cost. The group assessment also means that members with branches around the country will be displayed on the SSIP portal as having a broader regional coverage than their previous specific locations for each individual branch. 

To add further value for all members, BESA are now displaying which work types have been assessed on the SSIP portal. This will avoid any delays for members looking to mutually recognise compliance with other SSIP schemes.

Group assessments will be scheduled automatically for any BESA member companies who have associated branches. If you’re a BESA member and would like to discuss the changes further, please contact us via email at or call 01768 860452.

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