Monday, March 13, 2017

Improving the Government's Contracts Finder Service

As an Adviser on SME Business to the Cabinet Office and Crown Commercial Service, BESA legal and commercial director Rob Driscoll has opened up a great new opportunity for BEEA members.

The original idea of the government’s Contracts Finder website is to include all central government tenders over £25k contract value (and £10k for local government*).

Contracts Finder is owned by the CCS (Crown Commercial Service) who are conducting some research in order to improve the service which has been in beta and is about to go live.

They are currently going through 'discovery', an exercise to engage all stakeholders with a view to obtaining feedback that will help make Contracts Finder a more robust and efficient service for advertising and applying for opportunities within central government, and the wider public sector.  

If you use Contracts Finder the CCS team would like to talk to you about your experience of using the service. They can either visit you in your place of work, or they can conduct interviews online. Sessions last about an hour and will involve a discussion of your use and a short evaluation of using the service. 

If interested contact Rob Driscoll for further details


*Some public sector organisations have exemptions from using Contracts Finder, e.g. Local Councils who only publish tenders above their ‘standing order’ value (often up to £100k), academies, devolved authorities, NHS medical supplies.

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