Monday, February 27, 2017

Interactive HR auditing tools available


The BESA employment affairs team is continuously working hard to ensure we are supporting our members and their people practices. As part of our continuous improvement, we are pleased to release two interactive auditing tools just for BESA members.

An audit is a tool that employers can use to get a detailed picture of existing HR practices, similar to a financial audit. When done correctly it will highlight areas that require improvement before a problem arises. It will also identify policies and procedures that could use improvement, take the overall pulse of employee morale, and pinpoint potential legal issues that could cause major problems to arise if not addressed.


A company that uses the HR audit as a tool can expect two very important benefits. Firstly, often there are the issues of employee morale, motivation and commitment. If you have had issues in the past with retention or turnover, doing a complete audit can help identify the reasons why. Secondly, an HR audit can have financial implications; a failure to comply with legislation can result in fines, or in a worst-case scenario, an expensive lawsuit that can damage the company’s reputation and scare off future candidates and clients. HR auditing is important because your people are your best asset.

To begin an HR audit, you need to objectively gather as much information related to the HR remit as possible, this information includes: organisational chart, mission, vision, values, employee handbook, policies, procedures, job descriptions, forms.

We have released our two auditing tools in the format of a survey. The first audit is a quick snapshot into the top 15 people-related priorities your organisation needs to cover to ensure you are compliant. The second audit is a more in-depth look at not only your compliance, but an insight into your human resource function. You can complete whichever survey you feel is better suited to your organisation - you could even complete both versions.

The surveys are in an online format which give the best user experience. We want to assure you that your responses are completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to the respondent or your organisation. The tools are there for you and we do offer the option for you to request feedback at the end of your survey. If you wish to receive comments on your results, please do include your contact details so one of the team can contact you. Your responses will be confidential and not shared with any third party.

Click here to log in and take part in the surveys

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