Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Join us, the Future of London and the Major of London in a campaign to diversify the Capital’s urban discourse.


The Speakers Diversity pledge seeks to address the fact that many decisions in housing, regeneration, transport and infrastructure are still led by traditional voices, despite the increasing diversity of London’s population.

The pledge is a painless and positive way to take action, with signatories being asked to commit to at least two of the following actions:

Holding public-facing events which include under-represented demographic groups (by gender, ethnicity, ability, age, etc.) as speakers;

Putting forward speakers from under-represented groups to represent our organisation, including at senior levels and across disciplines;

Encouraging organisations we work with to host diverse events;

Avoiding participating in sessions which feature only one demographic group;

As a speaker/chair, joining the Future of London Diversity Speakers’ Network to help increase the pool of voices.

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