Thursday, January 19, 2017

Time to declare your turnover

BESA membership subscriptions are directly related to the member company’s turnover. In order for us to calculate our 2017/18 BESA membership subscription costs correctly, all BESA members are being asked to declare their turnover.

The declaration process is quick and easy – all you have to do is log in to our online turnover declaration area, fill in the form and click submit.

The turnover declaration submission deadline is 28 February 2017 – members who fail to provide us with this important information could face paying higher membership fees, as turnover will be estimated based on an assumed increase to last year’s figure. 

All members should have now received an email containing their log in details with a link to the declaration page, if you have not yet received your instructions or are having difficulties our membership team is on hand to support you, give them a call on 01768 860465.

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