How ASH Integrated Services utilised their free BESA legal and commercial support 


ASH Integrated Services is a multi-award-winning Mechanical and Electrical (M+E) Integrated Contractor based in Manchester. They operate across the UK in various sectors, including education, hospitality, manufacturing, council-owned properties, commercial buildings, and housing.

SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) like ASH Integrated Services can often find navigating the intricate landscape of legal regulations, industry standards, and compliance requirements daunting, and many lack the in-house expertise and capacity to handle these tasks effectively.

As a BESA member, they have access to our in-house team of legal and compliance experts at no extra cost. They knew this support could help mitigate risks, avoid costly legal disputes, maintain a good reputation, and save expensive outsourcing fees.


ASH Integrated Services utilised the free BESA Legal and Commercial Support in two key areas:

Reviewing a client JCT

JCTs, or Joint Contracts Tribunal contracts, are standard forms of contracts widely used in the construction industry in the United Kingdom. These contracts provide a framework for the legal and commercial relationships between parties involved in construction projects, such as clients, contractors, and subcontractors. The importance of JCT contracts lies in their ability to clearly define the roles, responsibilities, and obligations of each party, helping to minimise disputes and misunderstandings. They cover various aspects of construction work, including project timelines, payment schedules, quality standards, and procedures for handling changes or delays. 

ASH Integrated Services called upon the expertise of the BESA Legal and Commercial team to fully understand and review the document, allowing the project to proceed successfully.

Developing Terms & Conditions

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the construction industry need well-crafted terms and conditions (T&Cs) to protect their interests, define clear responsibilities, and manage risks effectively. Construction projects often involve complex agreements, multiple stakeholders, and significant financial investments, making robust T&Cs essential for outlining payment terms, project timelines, quality standards, and dispute resolution mechanisms. Expert help is crucial in drafting these T&Cs because legal professionals possess the specialised knowledge to address industry-specific issues, ensure compliance with relevant laws, and anticipate potential challenges. By obtaining expert assistance from BESA, ASH Integrated Services could be confident they had comprehensive and legally sound T&Cs that safeguard their operations, minimise disputes, and promote smooth project execution, ultimately contributing to their long-term success and stability in the competitive construction market.

BESA members also have access to a wide range of contractual precedents, templates, and guidance documents within the BESA Members' Area, designed to specifically de-risk a BESA member's business model, regardless of size or specialism - all at no extra cost.

"As a BESA Member, to have this level of specialist Legal and Commercial help, support, and advice at our fingertips, to protect against any potential exposure is beyond reassuring, especially for an SME of our size." - Gary Zetter, Operations Manager, ASH Integrated Services

Join BESA today and unlock a world of invaluable legal and compliance support for your construction business. As demonstrated by ASH Integrated Services, BESA membership provides access to a team of experts who can guide you through complex contracts, ensure your terms and conditions are watertight, and help you navigate the intricate web of regulations and industry standards. 

With BESA's comprehensive legal and commercial services we can help you mitigate risks, avoid costly disputes, and safeguard your reputation. Invest in your business's long-term stability and growth by becoming a BESA member today.