Membership means more...

"We became a member of HVCA in 1993 because we were an active plastic ductwork fabricator/installer, and the UK standard was HVCA’s DW151.  Becoming a member gave us a badge of quality, a differentiator in the market.

When DW151 was updated in 2000, our CEO at the time chaired the technical panel which wrote DW154 – at the time this put Roperhurst at the forefront of quality and technical excellence.

We have continued our technical input to BESA, contributing to publications such as DW144 and TR40, and the forthcoming DW154 revision.  Our people have also chaired the ductwork (now ventilation) group and the Wales member group and sat on both Council and the Executive Board.

We utilise the BESA Legal team, who play a critical role in the minefield that is construction contracts. They know the pitfalls and provide essential support in both pre-contract discussions and also when it comes to getting paid the right amount and on time.

We believe that BESA membership is essential for the argument for value over price. Through specification and knowledge, BESA ensures that the right member specialists are involved in the right projects at the right time, essential if industry is to avoid another Grenfell.

BESA publishes the technical standard core to our business offering (DW154).  Membership of BESA means we are audited by BESCA for quality performance against that standard – non-member competitors are not able to give the same assurance – which is a differentiator.

For those who want to be part of the Association, don’t join to get the BESA Badge of Quality, join to make a real difference.  BESA membership is important to all companies promoting quality and performance over lowest price.  We want all existing and prospective BESA members to enhance the Association, not diminish it.” Martin Whiteley, Managing Director Roperhurst