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In order to comply with the Vent Hygiene Register and meet the TR19® Grease Specification you MUST notify all your completed works on the Vent Hygiene Register Hub. Once you have uploaded your Post Clean Verification Reports (PCVRs) onto the VHR Hub, you can then provide your client with their VHR Notification of Full or Partial Clean Certificate so they can demonstrate their property has been cleaned to the TR19® Grease Specification, helping to de-risk their business and reduce liability with insurers. Failure to notify your completed works puts your VHR membership and client relationships at risk, due to not fulfilling your commitment to the TR19® Grease specification.

Notifying your completed works on the VHR Hub is simple, and 100% safe and secure. We don't share any client information so there is no need to worry, as the VHR Team are fully GDPR compliant.

Plus, did you know the more you notify and reach your notification milestones, you will be awarded with a VHR Notification Milestone Certificate, which you can proudly display in your office and share across your socials. 

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Save time and effort with our PCVR Bulk Upload Tool

Remove any stress from notifying your works by using our Bulk Upload Tool, which allows you to upload multiple PCVRs at any one time.

Watch our short demo video which walks you through the Bulk Upload process.

Showcase your business to potential new clients

By featuring on the online VHR Find a Contractor tool, your business is advertised to hundreds of clients who search for Approved VHR Members on a monthly basis. Your next big contract is just around the corner, help build trust and repeat business by keeping your standards high, notifying all your works and providing your clients with their certificate and peace of mind. Share the Find a VHR Contractor link to demonstrate you are TR19® compliant.

If you are a large contractor looking to sub-contract vent hygiene work, find out why you should specify VHR and TR19®.


Unlimited technical advice and support

The VHR Team are always on hand to help with any query, no matter how big or small. We know running a vent hygiene business is time consuming which is why you you can access our technical helpline or email, whenever you need us the most. Whether it be help with your audit, notifying your works or advice on a job, our team of experts are only a phone call away.

Contact the VHR Team on 01768 860455 or


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You've earned your Approved VHR member status so why not show it off with pride by displaying your VHR Approved Member logo across your vans, website, socials and marketing materials.

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Engage with your VHR Community

Vent Hygiene is a specialist area of work. That is why we have created a community where we can share best practice, industry issues, give access to marketing material and support you by recording documented evidence of a robust auditing procedure so we can help have your back.
We believe this gets even better when it’s a two way thing so, if you want to get involved to help shape the future of the industry you could become involved in the Vent Hygiene Register User Group and the BESA Vent Hygiene Specialist Group, which meet to discuss industry standards, skills, training and much more.

Also be the first to know of the latest VHR and industry news, updates and guidance straight to your inbox or your mobile. 

We also provide updates via LinkedIn so make sure you follow us and help us educate the wider sector about the importance of vent hygiene.

If you would like to get involved contact the VHR Team on 01768 860455 or


Let's provide a fair, level playing field for VHR Contractors

Becoming an approved contractor with the Vent Hygiene Register is no easy feat. You have had to work hard to demonstrate your competency and compliance to industry standards and specifications via our robust audit process, which scrutinises your commercial and technical capabilities. 

We have raised the bar with VHR and don't want to let standards slip within our industry, which is why those who claim to be working to the TR19® Grease Specification but are not registered with the Vent Hygiene Register or are falsely using the VHR accreditation, need to be reported.  All approved VHR contractors can be found on our Find a VHR Contractor search tool. Those who are falsely advertising themselves as TR19® Grease compliant or registered with VHR, will be contacted and action taken.  If you want to report poor workmanship or false advertisement of the VHR logo then get in touch.


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VHR Member Documents

In case you need them here are the VHR Terms of Registration and VHR Code of Conduct documents.

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