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ForrestBrown has delivered over £12m in R&D tax credits for BESA members

There have been plenty of twists and turns for BESA members in recent times. While uncertainty comes with difficulties, of course, it also creates opportunities to rethink, reassess and to innovate.

If you’re problem-solving, improvising to overcome supply chain shortages or tackling technical challenges, you could be eligible for R&D tax credits. This government incentive is a quick, debt-free source of funding, available to help HVAC businesses involved in challenging work.

ForrestBrown is the UK’s largest specialist R&D tax credit adviser. With a 150+ team of chartered tax advisers, engineering specialists and ex-HMRC inspectors, we’ve delivered over £12m in R&D tax credits to BESA members to date.


As BESA’s official partner for R&D tax credits, ForrestBrown offer an exclusive discount from their standard fee to all BESA members.

To make use of this discount, contact ForrestBrown on 0117 926 9022 or, referencing your BESA membership.

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