BSA Regulatory & Enforcement Bodies

How will compliance with the regulations be controlled?

A multi-disciplinary approach with three oversight bodies will regulate compliance with the regulations. Building control inspectors and the London Fire Brigade will provide enforcement support.

Building Safety Regulator will lead the implementation and enforcement of the new regulatory framework.

building safety act - implementation and enforcement infographic


Implementation and enforcement for higher-risk buildings

Ensuring compliance with the three Gateway stages with the power to stop:

  • Work from starting
  • high rise buildings considered high risk in building safety act
  • Work already underway
  • Occupation of a completed building

Ensuring that the HSE fulfils the role of a statutory consultee for planning applications

Fulfilling the role of Building Control Authority

Ensuring that a ‘Golden Thread’ of information is provided

Maintaining a register of occupied buildings

Setting out the requirements for a Mandatory Occurrence Reporting System

*source BuildUK BSA Guide

Implementation and enforcement for all buildings

Overseeing the safety and standards of all buildings

Taking action against building owners, dutyholders and Accountable Persons that do not meet their legal obligations

Overseeing Building Control Bodies and their inspectors

Maintaining a register of Building Control Bodies and Building Inspectors

Helping the built environment industry, Building Control Bodies and Building Inspectors to improve their compliance

What will the BSR enforcement approach be?

  • exercise its powers in line with regulatory best practice
  • take a consistent and proportionate approach
  • target enforcement activity at cases where action is needed
  • work closely with existing regulators such as local authorities and fire and rescue authorities

Other regulatory bodies

National Regulator for Construction Products

National Regulator for Construction Products will oversee and enforce a more effective regulatory regime for construction products.

The regulator will have the power to remove any product that represents a significant safety risk and to prosecute companies that break the rules.

New Homes Ombudsman

New Homes Ombudsman (The NHQB) is an independent body which has been established to increase quality in the built environment. Broadly, the purpose of the NHQB is to establish a framework to ensure that there is a high standard of new homes and services and that there is power of redress for purchasers where the quality of new builds is not achieved.