Good News Stories

It's not all doom and gloom - together we have creating a light at the end of the tunnel

During these tough, unprecedented times its important to remember all the great work our members and the industry are doing every day.

Below are a range of good news stories submitted by BESA members. If you want to feature please email

After all - if you want essential services you NEED building services.

Paul Gandy

Managing Director - Interserve Construction

“Interserve Construction and Interserve Engineering Services together with all our contractors can be proud of what has been achieved delivering the new Nightingale Birmingham Hospital on time."

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Project Director - One of BSS Major Contractors

“A big massive huge thank you for all your help throughout this amazing project, we really could not have asked any more from anybody... this is, without doubt, one of the proudest moments in my working career, if what we have achieved in just two weeks saves one life, then every hour and every minute we all put into this was worth it.”

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Colin Hamilton

Strategic Account Director - Interserve Construction

“After some debate and discussion about which contractors would be best placed to deliver these schemes, I threw Interserve Construction’s hat into the ring. The next morning, I was told we had been awarded the largest of the surge sites - up to 4,000 beds at Birmingham’s NEC."

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BESA members rise to NHS challenge

"The way the industry responded to the coronavirus crisis should give us all reason for optimism for the future, according to Ewen Rose."

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Filtrex proved invaluable to NHS and private healthcare groups

Filtrex, based in Essex, have seen positive outcomes because of their excellent H14 HEPA filtered fan and filter unit. This has proved invaluable to NHS and private healthcare groups when converting positive pressure rooms into negative pressure isolation rooms in hospitals, as well as for use as an air scrubber.

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Stuart Palmer

Site Manager, Interserve


“The urgent requirement for this facility goes without saying, but we could not have worked these hours without the support of our families at home. There have been times where I haven’t seen my children for a week at a time.” 

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Farmwood donate Virus Killers to local vulnerable people

Nathan Wood - MD Farmwood Ltd

"One of my previous posts mentioned we'd loaned out our own office's Viruskilling clean air tech - well here you go."

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Matt Loffman

Design and Technical Manager, Interserve Engineering Services

“My very first involvement was talking to Project Director, Vince Kesterton on the Friday prior to our selection to understand what support Interserve Engineering Services (IES) could provide. It was at this point I understood 500 beds were to be delivered by April 27.

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Phillipe De Wilde


"This is PVC/GRP ductwork manufactured and installed to DW154.  We carried out the modular offsite installation at a facility outside York at the start of the year, and then all the modules were transported to Oxford during March for site installation"

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