FP Hurley - Great bunch of guys

Prynhawn da, all.


I want to share with you the recent behaviour of your employees.


You may or may not be aware that my grandson, Gethin, has been given some homework to do by his teacher. He was to consider the current situation with COVID, how it was affecting people and to produce a piece of written work.


Gethin’s chosen item of work was a short message, written on a home-made card, made from a sheet of A4 paper pulled out of a home printer, to the site team at Morriston hospital (below). While I’ve had no direct contact with him, my regular evening ramblings to my wife about the effort made by the whole team, the hours worked, the lack of time off, have filtered through. He had come to the conclusion that the boys deserved a little treat and delved into his pocket money to buy some kitkats, (a small quantity of beer may also have been involved . . .. . ) which I presented to the forty-odd guys on site last Thursday.


This small act of kindness by an eight-year-old schoolchild provoked a reaction from the team on-site, who presented to me (without fuss or ceremony) a sum of £140 on Sunday morning, leaving me somewhat speechless.


Gethin, surprised and impressed by the generosity of your site teams, has decided that the money should be given to a charity (I think he’s settled on Ty Hafan) and will top it up to £150 ‘because 140 is a weird number’. Upon learning this, TRJ’s Dafydd Jones has now topped this up to £250.


I would appreciate if you can convey Gethin’s gratitude (and mine) to your teams on site – this bunch of hardened construction workers 😉 for their wonderful reaction.


Sometimes, ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem adequate but I offer a ‘Diolch yn fawr’ from a proud grandad and his grandson.


Like it says on the top... great bunch of guys.