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19 December 2023

What kind of future?

What motivates young engineers? Money? Great projects? Better career prospects? People might be surprised because, while those things are nice to ...
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5 September 2023

What are the main barriers to ...

Decarbonisation is currently on everybody’s radar, with new solutions hitting the market thick and fast. “In previous years, the industry has waited ...
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7 August 2023

Who believes in net zero?

The result of the Uxbridge by-election clearly swung away from Labour because of determined local opposition to the extension of London’s Ultra-Low ...
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31 July 2023

Is Gove’s support for retrofit ‘pathetic’?

Two thirds of the whole life carbon of a building is embodied. The first third is in the creation of the building and the second in the replacement ...
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23 February 2023

So, there never was a plan

At the recent BESA President’s Lunch, we received confirmation of something most of us probably already knew – but it was instructive anyway, writes ...
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22 June 2022

How I Am Making Real Impact On Carbon Saving

It seems strange to admit it now, but I actually had no idea about building services until I ended up IN building services.
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15 June 2022

They Are Not Perfect, But We Can Work With ...

Changes to the Building Regulations that come into force today can help the industry make buildings healthier and more comfortable while also ...
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19 February 2022

Out of Adversity Comes A United Front

“Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; and working together is success” Henry Ford.
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1 July 2021

We Don’t Live In A Cold Country Anymore

We used to live in a cold country, but we don’t anymore, says BESA chief executive officer David Frise.
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