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9 July 2024

We are good guys too

Our new Prime Minister has a bulging in-tray and building services engineering is probably not at the forefront of his mind right now, but maybe it ...
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3 June 2024

The election must get people talking about ...

The General Election has been announced at a critical moment for indoor air quality (IAQ), writes BESA’s Indoor Air Quality group chair Adam Taylor.
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17 May 2024

Four steps to mould-free homes

Most people’s first instinct when dealing with mould is to clean it away. But although it’s possible to scrub mould from walls and tiles, this is ...
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17 May 2024

Monitoring & Managing Indoor Air Quality in ...

Many employees moved to working from home during 2020, and numerous employers are planning on offering staff the option to continue that practice, or ...
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23 February 2024

Every building occupant deserves to be safe

With the building inspection regime on the verge of collapse is this really the right time to be relaxing the rules for building conversions?
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19 December 2023

What kind of future?

What motivates young engineers? Money? Great projects? Better career prospects? People might be surprised because, while those things are nice to ...
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14 June 2023

What gets an engineer out of bed in the ...

The supermodel Linda Evangelista famously said she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. Great work if you can get it, writes BESA ...
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3 February 2023

BESA President Calls For ‘Crisis Engineering’

The UK should look to its engineering community for solutions to many of the serious social and economic challenges it is facing, according to the ...
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15 June 2022

They Are Not Perfect, But We Can Work With ...

Changes to the Building Regulations that come into force today can help the industry make buildings healthier and more comfortable while also ...
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1 July 2021

We Don’t Live In A Cold Country Anymore

We used to live in a cold country, but we don’t anymore, says BESA chief executive officer David Frise.
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