Member testimonials

Membership means more...

Diane Drummond

Director, B-DACS Air Conditioning Systems

Back in the early months of the pandemic when life and business seemed a little bleak, BESA’s webinars became a focal point of our day. They made us feel like we weren’t alone and gave us a sense of a virtual community.

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Nick Barnes

Director, Allied Engineering

Our BESA membership enables us as a small company to be part of a larger organisation and have the support of services which we would not normally have access to.  The clients also have confidence that we are regularly inspected and can contact BESA if there any issues

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Phil Lambden

Managing Director J & B Hopkins Ltd

Any audit success shows the hard work that standards and dedication to achieve them means to a business and industry, which needs to be constantly maintained. Our teams in Hopkins are totally committed to ensuring our company lead from the front on all these things and I thank all of them and BESA for the ability to work together in our community and in such difficult times.

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Martin Whiteley

Managing Director, Roperhurst

We believe that BESA membership is essential for the argument for value over price. Through specification and knowledge, BESA ensures that the right member specialists are involved in the right projects at the right time, essential if industry is to avoid another Grenfell.

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Pete Curtis

Resource Operations Manager, Briggs and Forrester

David, you and your team at BESA have really stepped up to the mark in these challenging times, by the support you have provided to its members. We at Briggs & Forrester appreciate it and personally, it provides me with pleasure to be part of the association

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