The BESA provides practical assistance to its members in managing and developing their workforce and in establishing terms and conditions of employment.
Download our 'Employment Affairs Service Level Agreement' to see exactly what BESA members benefit from.

In addition to its role as a trade association, BESA has a parallel role as an employers' organisation.

BESA’s Employment Affairs team is responsible for maintaining and developing the Association's role as an employers' organisation.

In this role BESA:

• negotiates and maintains a number of collective agreements
• advises its members on employment matters
• acts as a first reference point on a range of human resources issues
• champions industry competitiveness and profitability

As part of running any business effectively, it is important that the management of employees is as professional as all other aspects of the company's management. 

Its areas of support and continuing development of standard documents and agreements include:

BESA Operative National Agreement

BESA members are able to use the BESA Operative National Agreement as the backbone of the contracts of employment for members of their hourly paid,site-based workforce


Environmental Engineering Industry staff salary agreement

BESA also maintains a second collective agreement – the Environmental Engineering Industry Staff Salary Agreement – setting out objectively benchmarked salaries for supervisors, designers, contracts managers and other project delivery staff 


Operative holidays and Wages and salary standards

Sets out wage standards, salary standards and labour cost recovery definitions and calculators. Includes the holidays for operatives employed under the National Agreement