Monday, September 10, 2018

Important changes to BESA health & safety compliance for members

Clare Watson

Following feedback from our membership, we are delighted to announce that the way the association assesses health and safety compliance for BESA membership has been revised. SSIP is no longer a mandatory requirement for BESA membership, instead members are simply asked to demonstrate compliance with statutory health and safety requirements. These revisions have been recommended by the BESA Membership Committee, approved by Council and come into force with immediate effect.

This is great news for members who do not require SSIP for their normal business operations as they will no longer have to go through this additional and time consuming process. Compliance with statutory health and safety regulations will now be assessed as part of members’ normal CAS audit.

For those members who still require SSIP certification for their businesses for tendering purposes, this service is still available but will now be on a voluntary basis. BESA have also now streamlined this process to just 14 days via a trusted 3rd party partner, CQMS, with whom we have negotiated a special member discount.

The special member rate for SSIP assessment is just £90 for a full assessment or £25 for Deemed to Satisfy, plus their completion time following submission of satisfactory evidence is just 14 days. To take advantage of this great offer, simply quote BESA10 when booking your SSIP assessment. You can contact CQMS on 01476 566665 or

The other great news concerns guidance. Members have been telling us they want their association to provide them with health and safety guidance as part of their membership. This was something we couldn’t previously do as we were a SSIP provider and this meant a conflict of interest. As we are outsourcing this to CQMS, it means that in future we can give you full health and safety advice as a free member service.

For further information please contact us on 01768 860452.

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